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Dog Dayz Treats

Dog Dayz K9 Treat Truck - Okanagan - Penticton
Dog Dayz K9 Treat Truck - Okanagan - Penticton

Oh my goodness, did you guys know there is a food truck in Penticton that’s filled with dog treats!? I seriously let out a squeal of excitement when I found out. Needless to say Jaxx (@justjaxx_) and I followed them on Instagram right away and are planning our family summer road trip out to the treat truck. Luckily for Jaxx he was able to get his paws on some of Dog Dayz K9 Treats early, thanks to his buddy Ty who sent over a direct delivery! We were both pretty excited, but Jaxx had the most fun opening his delivery…

Doggy Valentine’s Day

Sweet Valentine's Day - Jaxx Dulik - Mini Photo Shoot
Sweet Valentine's Day - Jaxx Dulik - Mini Photo Shoot

This was a super last minute idea but we went with it! Jaxx got his very own mini Valentine’s Day photo shoot in the studio this morning. Our handsome office love bug is such a good sport and let us have some fun with today’s theme. He’s pretty easy going and patient, as long as we take lots of play breaks in between shots! Happy Valentine’s Day Jaxx! Oh! P.S. If you haven’t already, for more of his handsomeness you can check out his very own IG account @justjaxx_. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Vintage Tea Party

It was such an honor being able to work with the team of vendors that were participating in this shoot! Everyone came out to Arrowleaf Cellars in Lake Country, BC, where they have a stunning picnic area guests can use with an amazing view of Okanagan Lake. It was over Easter weekend and we couldn’t have asked for better weather to do an outdoor photography shoot.

Doggy Beach Day

Dog Beach Day - Pet Photography Lake Country, Kelowna, Okanagan BC

We’ve been getting some nice weather the past couple weeks, hot enough to head to the lake and cool down with some friends!