I’m a lifestyle Photographer and Graphic Designer located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, BC. Engagement sessions, weddings, family portraits, and even pet photography are some of my favourites to capture. Taking your beautiful photographs and creating print pieces from them, like Save The Dates and Wedding Invitations, makes me even happier.

I’ve been in the design industry for over twelve years. I love being creative and opened my first small business at age 16 (I was determined and had big dreams.) I ran my business for quite some time until I had the opportunity to teach my passion. I took the opportunity for a new life experience and spent the last six and a half years in the corporate realm as a Department Head and Instructor for post-secondary Graphic Design and Web Development programs. I taught classes on Typography, Branding, Marketing, and Business to name a few. I love teaching, there are so many good things that come from it, but I couldn’t stop the little entrepreneurial bug itching at me to get back into the creative side of the industry, and fulfill my dream of running my own small business again. I decided to follow my dream in the spring of 2015.

My background in small business, education, and as a manager in the corporate world has provided me with a wealth of knowledge from both sides of the design industry and I can’t wait to apply that to my current journey – Christina Dulik, Photographer & Graphic Designer.

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