Lip Balm & Summer Vibes

Epic Blend - Lip Balms - Vegan Peach - Green Apple More Moisture - Hemp Coconut - Okanagan Made

The sun has been out these last few days and we are absolutely loving it! It’s been a long winter here in the Okanagan and the pets were starting to go stir crazy! Thankfully the clouds have dispersed, the skies are blue, the birds are chirping, and we’re getting beautiful sun streams of warmth throughout the house (which by the way, both pets fight over…)

I am seriously feeling the spring and summer vibes and cannot wait for the days of flip flops, sunglasses, and beach trips!! Neither can the pup, he’s such a beach bum! I can’t wait to pack our first 2018 beach bag with the essentials.. you know.. snacks, drinks, hat, sunscreen, lip balm… the essentials. And i’m getting started early with my new favourite lip balm from Epic Blend!

I recently started a quest to find better quality products that are less irritating to my sensitive skin. I’ve already made a few switches but didn’t have a lip balm replacement until now. The Epic Blend lip balms are exactly what I was searching for; high quality, light scent, not glossy/sticky, absorbs really well, and leaves lips feeling hydrated and soft. So far I’ve used the Green Apple More Moisture, Vegan Peach, and the Hemp Coconut. All three are awesome, but if I had to pick one I definitely love the Vegan Peach the most because it reminds me of summer. Now I just need to find a sunscreen! :)