It’s Spring!
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2017 Garden Plan Sheet - Okanagan Lake Country Gardening - Free Garden Planning Template Sheet

I’m so excited for Spring!!! Mainly because my seed order has arrived and that makes me one happy girl! I have seeds leftover from last year but I needed to stock up on a few that I ran out of. I also decided to try a bunch of edible flowers instead of my usual random flower choices. This way I can eat ALL the garden goodies, ha!

Gardening has been a learning process, and honestly I just do it by trial and error. I try to keep everything written down each year so I remember what worked and what failed (it happens!). From there I plan the next year, and after 6 years I’m better at knowing what works for us, what we actually like to eat and is worth our efforts, and how much of our favourites we need to keep us going through winter. This year we’re dedicating half a bed to Roma Tomatoes because we ran out of our freezer stash by December!

I usually just grab all my seeds and planning sheets, make myself a big cup of coffee, and sit down to plan it all out for the next season. I made this Garden Plan sheet for myself a few years ago and use it to plan my garden beds and keep notes on it throughout the growing season. Each rectangle on the sheet is a 4×8 foot bed and is broken down into a square foot grid so you can get some serious seed organizing planned out. Plus there are note areas beneath each garden bed for specifics and then a general garden note area at the top for everything else. By the end of each season my planning sheet is well used!

In celebration of our first official day of Spring, I thought I’d share my Garden Plan sheet as a free PDF download :) :) So please feel free to download your copy! I’d love to see what you have going into your garden this year! Tag me in your photos @dulikstudio with #2017gardenplans on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s awesome 2017 garden plans!

Download your 2017 Garden Planning sheet:


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